Norm 'N Nate's


Groups Large or Small – We Do ‘Em All!

Norm 'N Nate's is proud to offer catering services to Winnipeg and its surrounding areas. We will ensure your event is served with all of its food and drink needs, including, but not limited to, sandwich trays, and selected desserts for you and your guests. 

City wide delivery available Monday-Friday - $15.00.

**We do our best ...Short Notice delivery may be available. However - Rush order delivery charges may apply.**

Wholesaler of Prepared Foods

Along with providing all your catering needs, we are also a wholesale retailer, providing delicious pre-packaged foods to the food service industry, vending companies, supermarkets, convenience stores, food distributors, mobile caterers, food trucks, prisons, sporting venues, stadiums, nursing homes, and schools.

*Wholesale orders cannot be placed online. Call us at 204-786-6676*

What did the Film Director say while at Norm 'N Nates ?

......"That's a Wrap!"

The Guy who paints the lines in the road came into Norm 'N Nates the other but couldn't stay

.........He had to Dine 'N Dash

What do you call a Norm 'N Nates Sandwich Artist ?

Salvidor Deli !!


We're here all week...Try the Veal !!

About Us

Founded in 1987 Norm 'N Nate's has been a Winnipeg Institution for over 30 years. Remember the Big Jim McKimwich, the Teemu Salami Chunk's, the Guby Salmon Velvet or the Wayne's World Clubhouse? We have come a long way since then but we still offer city wide catering for all of your catering needs. Lunch or Buisness meetings are our speciality and now you can even find us at various Convenience outlets, Cafateria's and numerous other retail centres throughout Winnipeg, Manitoba and its surrounding area.

All catering orders can be taken online!




Unit 17-1391 St James Street, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3H 0Z1

Business Hours 

Monday - Friday

8:00am - 1:00pm

Saturday - Sunday